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 We?had a tough time getting my daughter in control since she was diagnosed at
age 10. She's now 15. She had a seizure 4 months after being diagnosed because
of low blood sugar and that experience made me such a nervous wreck that I was
determined to get her BG's under control hence getting her on the pump. Then I
started using my other checkbook and was obsessed over charting/graphing
everything. (She also had started having kidney problems about 1 year into
diagnosis and was put on Lisinopril.) So now I had reason to agonize over every
high and low. Her A1C was coming down but I was making myself and my daughter
nuts by this point by overanalyzing everything she ate, her activity level etc.
and god forbid if she forgot to test at the "right time". The graphing/charting
was just feeding into this because I was looking at the charts so many times a
day trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Once I started to let her take
control of her diabetes and quit writing every li!
  ttle thing down and took a step back, I was able to go through her pump
history once a day, or more often if a problem was occuring, get a better look
at the big picture and that's when her A1C came down to around 6 and has been at
that level for over a year now. Her diabetic educator has actually said she
thinks her A1C is too low but her doctor is totally thrilled with how well she's
doing. Hope this helps. I highly recommend my other checkbook and I've actually
given them to people who are newly diagnosed or looking for better control
because I think they are a great tool.

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<<<< The only downfall to the graphs and charts was that I was getting so
wrapped up in the minutia that I was not doing a good job at looking at the
I was thinking that the chart and connecting the dots would give me a BETTER
perspective. Can you elaborate a bit on how you were "not looking at the big
picture?" I am not using a pump YET ;O0 but SOON ;o) and bought this just to
get me thru the next 6 months or so until I am.
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