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ROTFLMAO... I have five dogs, a sick SO -in effect also single- and a  
house to keep that is 40 odd years old... yep yep yep, Hey, most  
little apps for jailbroken iPhones are about 14-150K and if it  
downloads without blowing up the phone, COOL!

(Leaving now... BBL)

On May 4, 2008, at 6:54 PM, Joy L Wright wrote:

> <<<< Heck yeah!! Write it for the iPhone and even to upload inf via
> bluetooth or a 'dock' connector.... You'd have both an Evangelist (Me)
> and others would want it too.>>>>
> Ok lol 70-80 hours work a week, 10 cats and 4 dogs (I breed jungle  
> bobs and
> bullmastiffs), 2 parrots, single so I do the dishes AND mow the  
> lawn, still
> trying to get moved in to my new house that I've been living in for  
> months
> now, and been to the dr so many times in the last several months  
> that my car
> automatically turns in there now. I mean we're talking 3-4 times a  
> week on
> average, usually ending in a shouting match....not anymore though  
> because
> she's DONE LIKE DINNER THANK GOD!! LOL But no problem I'll just write
> diabetes tracking software for every mobile phone and PDA on the  
> market in
> my spare time ROFLMAO Anything in particular you'd like to request  
> or is the
> fact that it will just open and not blow up your phone good enough  
> for you?
> LOL............joy
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