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 I have used my other checkbook to manage my daughter's diabetes for several
years and?found it to be extremely helpful. Something about looking at? a?graph
made it easier to track trends and make adjustments. I used to fill out the page
and graph once a day at dinner time so it wasn't something we needed to carry
around with us everywhere. I don't use them anymore because after doing it for
3-4 years, I can now scan through her pump history once a day and figure out
what needs to be done with adjustments. Her A1C is down to 6.1 so it's working
for us. The only downfall to the graphs and charts was that I was getting so
wrapped up in the minutia that I was not doing a good job at looking at the big
picture. Once I quit being so obsessive about it was when her A1C dropped down
to around 6.
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