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Re: [IP] RE: Insulin Pumper's Costs

 I find it sad that folks think if you redesign a site, you're going to 
make it glitzy. There's a 3rd alternative. Just plain nice, no ads, no 
glitz, you don't even have to use gif buttons, everything could be text 
if you wanted it that way. . The first page of the site already has 
quite a lot of javascript on it. We might not even all that stuff. Just 
simple, clean well-organized. I think a lot of the misunderstanding is 
just a lack of knowledge by the users. Not that they should have to know 
the internals of how a web site works and how html is interpreted. But 
sometimes they don't even know what they're complaining about. I would 
hate myself if I designed a site with pop-ups that were unsolicited. I 
can't imagine any real web master would. I think most pop-ups are on the 
free sites.And I don't think the pumper site has any ads on it. Why 
would you want to do that?

Usually the home page does not have so much stuff on it. That's why it's 
called an index.html, because it's sort of like a table of contents, 
usually fairly short, maybe 600 pixels long or a little more.

> Could it be glitzy like other 
> sites? Sure it could! But I am of the old school when it comes to 
> changes. If it isn't broke, leave it be. When you have 5K plus members 
> and are able to get them to pony up, more power to you.
> The list serve style is old, true, but if you are able to read it and 
> send back to it, without to much hassle, whats to complain about.
> The other sites that have all the glitter , whistles , and bells, all 
> have pop ups of some sort. Or they are recording your tracks with 
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