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Re: [IP] RE: Insulin Pumper's Costs

I have been a member here for only a short time. I also belong to 
multiple forums on diabetes and pumping. As some of you know I post 
often here. I am also a network administrator and a webmaster for three 
sites. All are volunteer positions. That being said, I find this site 
fairly comfortable to maneuver around. Could it be glitzy like other 
sites? Sure it could! But I am of the old school when it comes to 
changes. If it isn't broke, leave it be. When you have 5K plus members 
and are able to get them to pony up, more power to you.

The list serve style is old, true, but if you are able to read it and 
send back to it, without to much hassle, whats to complain about.

The other sites that have all the glitter , whistles , and bells, all 
have pop ups of some sort. Or they are recording your tracks with 
cookies. None here that I have seen. Sure Michael could get more 
advertisers to defray costs like other sites do, but that would mean 
more garbage. The three sites I manage are all advertiser free.

I also like the fact that it is easier to follow a thread here. If I 
respond to you, I use your name, or if to all, nothing. We are all in 
this boat together, lets play nice.


email @ redacted wrote:
 > There isn't a better site that I am a member of for my health, education and
> longevity than Insulin-Pumpers. I am sure there are other sites that serve  
> others.
 > But, IP is the only one I contribute to subscribe to and I am happy to do so
> every year.
> I agree if you are not happy paying go somewhere else that will provide for  
> your health
> needs.
> Its a thing call FREE WILL.
> Fred " pumping since ' 81 " 
 > I THINK IT'S TIME TO STOP THIS!!!! Anyone who has a gripe about contributing
> to this group and feels like they have to question the COSTS to  run it - 
> it's very simple DON'T. Unsubscribe and be done with it. I am sick  of this 
> crap. 
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