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Re: [IP] Sensor Questions

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From: Ricardo <email @ redacted> 

> In most cases, economics are driving use of the sensors past 
> manufacture recommendations. If I remember correctly, your sensors 
> are fully covered by your insurance, so there is not much reason for 
> you to go past the manufacturer recommendations. 

 Actually my sensors are not fully covered - but 90% makes them pretty
afforadable, so I can get them with no pain. Medtronic's official reccomendation
is to change them every 3 days (mostly because of the FDA). I do more than
double that, and it seems to work well for me. They leave a little bit bigger
bump than my infusion sites, but if I leave them in for more than a week it's a
LOT bigger (and nasty & hard) bump. I've only done that to experiment, and I've
quit. I'm really getting tired of experimenting on myself. I want my endo's job
- I want to experiment on someone else.

 My biggest deal for changing them every Sunday is that I still feel like such a
newbie with them -even after 5 months. I spend 2 hours every Sunday fretting
over my insertion and making sure everything is just right.

 On a slightly different note, I listened to a Medtronic rep (12-year pumper)
talking on the radio about the Bronco's QB who will soon be pumping. She
explained that the sensor cannula was "about the size of a fishing line". I
about drove off the road laughing. I fish a lot here in Colorado (as well as
Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico), and if I tried to fish with 60-80 lb. test line,
I would have given up years ago.

dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07
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