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[IP] Medicare IP

One of the best things about all this discussion about IP and Michael is that 
I have seen how important IP is in sending supplies to other IP people.   I 
am ready to send my MM 508 QUICKSETS and Reservoirs to IP.   I also have 2 
 MM508s. Does IP want them also? Medicare wanted me to have another C-Peptide
and also take a Diabetes Education class.   This after 50 years of living with 
diabetes.   I did both and then I was told to get my pumping supplies from 
Liberty.   That didn't last long and now I am back with MM.   I feel confident 
sending supplies and the 508s to IP.   I am sure if I have a problem, MM will 
take care of it.   Why I had to go with Liberty, I will never know.   I also 
 went with the promotion for Freestyle Lite and picked up one of those meters at
SprawlMart.   My local drug store, Kinney's would NOT take a coupon from the 
Internet.   It looks like Sprawlmart will be my pharmacy from now on.   
IP can E-mail me if they want or don't want the 508s.   If I had their phone 
number I could call but I am too lazy to look it up.   I have that cable phone 
deal where I can call anyplace in Canada, US or Puerto Rico. Anyway, my 
contribution and the supplies will be in the mail soon.   
Jim Durr
Lisbon, NY   where the St. Lawrence is up to 44 degrees. I hope it is over 55 
at the end of the month when I take my Memorial Day swim.   Tradition, 

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