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[IP] Two HUGE link meters came this week--meter companies must hate me

Linda Zottoli wrote:

Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 14:17:20 -0400
From: Linda Zottoli <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Two HUGE link meters came this week--meter companies must hate

Hi, anyone who remembers me (haven't been on in many months).  I've
just spent some time searching this site, mostly unsuccessfully, trying
to find info on how people like the new link meters.

The last 18 or 19 months, I've mostly been wearing clothes with large
pockets, to fit that BDlink meter case.  It was a challenge with that
case:  the new cases make it an impossibility.  But, nobody's case is
designed particularly well, for this purpose, partly because of the
huge vials.  Are others of you having success with other cases, other
techniques? (There was a time that I sometimes took  a vial with a
lancet inside, and my ulta meter -- that being the smallest good meter
I ever had -- in my pocket .)
Linda Z


I use the meter I like best and chuck the case in the closet.  Then I go out
and buy I small case that I really like.  I've found many digital camera
cases that work quite well and cost under $10.  The one I use now holds my
meter, strips, and an empty can for used strips.  It's got a smaller front
pocket to hold and extra can of strips and a couple packs of smarties.  It
came with a belt loop, too.  The whole package is about 4" x 2" x 3", much
smaller than the original case.  Larger hard eyeglass cases will also work.

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