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Re: [IP] Question for Brad

I think what Brad was referring to was the organization of the site and 
the use of old tools. I think Michael did a very good job with the 
resources he had at the time.  I don't know if anyone was arguing about 
the personal commitment that Michael has had over the years and the 
hours and resources and his own energy that he's used to create and 
maintain the site. I too have been very frustrated in the past at the 
lack of standard navigation, organization  and a difficult search 
function, etc.  I don't use the site unless I really really have to. 
It's possible that if the site were updated... maybe foundations and big 
companies would take it more seriously and want to contribute money. 
I've seen that happen before.

The site is old and maybe Michael would be open to the idea of 
reorganizing it. I'm a web developer and it's sort of like if you were a 
shoemaker and you saw someone with ripped shoes you look at them and say 
"I could fix that"... it's just a matter of different peoples' 
perspective I think. Maintaining a web site is not really all that 
difficult and the newer tools are *so* much better than the older ones 
and there are new web hosting companies  who offer just about everything 
you could want in interaction, forums, databases, etc.. and Brad's 
right, for about $100 a year you can be hosted... granted, IP would need 
more space and so it might be more than 100 but not that much more. He 
could even keep his old site as a data base site or archive and have a 
new site hosted somewhere and click back and forth between the two. It 
would be transparent to the user.
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