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[IP] RE:Site Problems with Quicksets

Thanks Janis and Peter.
I do usually use the serter.  However, they suggested I order a new one -
they said that perhaps the one I had was a bit old etc.  I did that and have
received 3 now and every one of them catches and doesn't insert properly.
Therefore I have tried to do the manual insertion and ended up w/ bent
The SIL works for me too, but I really don't like it.
I have had the rough tubing mentioned earlier, bent cannulas, weak adhesive
and other problems with the last couple orders.  
Hopefully the next will be better.  
Paradigm 522

Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 21:11:20 -0400
From: Janis Beaver <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Site problems with Quickset -- Lot number!!!

I experienced a crimped canula, and also a set that simply came out.  I was
a wedding, and upon my return home I discovered that my BS was over 550.
I checked the infusion set, it simply came out as if there was no adhesive
it at all.  That's strange, since everything sticks to me like glue, and I
sometimes need adhesive dissolvers to remove an infusion set.  The lot
of that quick-set is 2208189, dated 2010-12.  I've since switched to
Silhouettes, but need to insert it using the Silserter, which I hate.  (The
quickset device is very user-friendly by comparison.)  When I tried manual
insertion, the needle just bent, and didn't go in.

Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 22:56:01 -0500
From: Probent <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: Site problems with Quickset

        You ought to try the QuickSet serter before making any big changes.
            Peter 1
> Has anyone had trouble with the quickset infusion sets recently?  I keep
> getting bent cannulas and other issues with sites and am wondering if
> are having problems as well.
> Cheryl
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