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[IP] Money stuff and IP

I joined here when I got a computer in 2000. To be honest, I'd pretty  
much gotten complacent about diabetes and the pump.... until I met IP  
and all the folks therein.

IP gave me the strength, through its' members to deal with the passing  
of my father.
IP gave me the courage through its' members to deal with no insurance  
coverage when I was fearful of losing what I had, helped me as friends  
to deal with debt and were 'Cosmic cheerleaders' when I quit smoking.  
For 7 years + you all at IP played a big part in my own day to day life.

Now that my life is better, I got a Job, finally, and members have  
sent to me things for the sensors, the pump and whatnots....Has been a  
MAJOR help to me and others.

I love IP, I love what has happened in my life now, and I have a  
running contribution every month already of only $10.00 a month. I am  
about to be rid of yet another debt and will up this to $15.00 a  
month.  I have met Michael and one of his kids who came to my house,  
petted my dogs and actually had the courage to sit at my big tree  
table <G> LOL! THAT takes courage!

I do not bear any ill will to Michael earning a living from IP. Rather  
he with this cause as opposed to others of more nefarious intent. He  
and this list ROCKS THE HOUSE! Maybe things were not run in the manner  
some would like, but what he does and what the admins do is WORKING,  
so don't be hatin' 'cause it's successful.  Most can talk a good game,  
but when it comes down to DOING IT, Michael and IP has done it.

But it still takes THIS community to raise this 'child' so c'mon! If  
*I* can do it when I had little to no money a month to live on and now  
as things get better can contribute a bit more, then I think ALL of us  
are able to do more than we think we can. If it's a bad thing to ask  
for help, then we're toast. No one should feel 'Guilted', it is just a  
fact of life, time and service is money too.

All of us have the right to ask for help, but we should all be willing  
to Give help as well, Right?

If Michael earns a million a year, so be it! We like and use the  
service he gives, and I think we can see for ourselves he's not being  
a heavy by asking for a helping hand in the IP list.  Apple had one of  
its' best quarters this last, and are THEY giving away computers? NO!

Thank you for a haven of people who actually "get it", Michael. keep  
it going as long as you can.

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