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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V10 #879

I have a hard time "playing nice" sometimes and now is one of them, Brad  & 
David; you remember when you first found IP, the door was OPEN.. don't let  it 
hit you on the way out either.  If you want to criticize what IP and  Michael 
have done, write yourself an email and leave it off here.  If you  are THAT 
unthankful for IP, then WHY are you still here?  IP has been a  lifesaver for 
 MANY! Me included. If Michael and IP were to take in a 6 figure income, then
so be it.  Michael works his a** off for us.   All of the VOLUNTEERS work 
 there's off too! Not that either of YOU have offered to even volunteer! Michael
ASKS us to keep things going, and rent  is expensive, alone with other things 
that a business has to have,  if you  think you can do it cheaper and 
 "better" as one of you said (not exact words, but close enough), have a nut! We
 have a POSITIVE environment for parent, adults, seniors and anyone in between.
If you are trolling for trouble,  then take it someplace else.  We have enough 
things to deal with on a daily  basis of our lives, without your negativity 
being thrown into the mix.  If  you are so great at what you do, congrats!  
Don't try to belittle someone  that is HELPING thousands of people and that we 
are all here to help each  other.  No one forced you to join IP or read 
 anything. If you don't want to contribute any type of help then don't bash
that want to or  have/are.  Just go lay beside your dish.  Ok, off my soapbox  
~ShawnaLT in AZ not playing nice, but with good reason!  
Whyatt is turning 3 in 4 DAYS!!   OMG!!!!!!!!

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