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[IP] about Insulin Pumpers

It seems as though some readers have differing opinions about the cost to run
this site.    My guess would be if Michael divided the hours he and his family
spend running this site by the amount he is paid, he's probably making minimum
wage, at best.

I believe the majority of people who read this website have gained some degree
of knowledge from it, thanks to Michael's efforts.  To some, this website has
literally been a lifesaver.  I hope we can all help in whatever we can,
whether it be financially, sending supplies, helping to get donations,
offering what knowledge we may possess, being a volunteer, whatever each of us
can do to keep this site up and running.

Brad,  in your following post you mentioned the website being "sloppy and
disorganized."   Maybe you can contribute whatever expertise you have to make
the web site "cleaned up and professional-looking" and thus help lower the
cost of running the website.  In that way everyone benefits.

Rose Pisano

I'm not trying to discount the good work you do; just the heavy-handedness
and antiquated technology via which you're doing it. The listserve is clunky
and could be run more efficiently (which would probably save you server
resources, too). The website is sloppy and disorganized, unless you're
looking for links to donate money. Most links on the website take you off to
other sites.  A cleaned up, professional-looking site,
which clearly shows you're wisely utilizing the donations and resources you
ARE receiving, and that focuses less on sending you money and more on
actually providing valuable resources to those you claim to be helping,
would most certainly bolster faith in your mission and probably bring in
even more money.
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