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>I have learned more from IP these past seven years than I have from any

>medical "professionals" in my 43 years of diabetes.


Me too!! And I've only been here a few weeks. I did not even realize until
the recent thread that anyone maintained the list and did all the other
non-fun stuff that goes with it for work.

I don't have a lot of money and I can't afford to plunk down $100, but I can
afford $10 a month, and I can't imagine there are many people in the world
who have a computer, an internet connection and a good enough job to have
insurance that pays for a pump that CAN'T afford $10 a month. Let's face it
that's one lunch, one movie, 2 packs of cigs......which you shouldn't be
smoking anyway......., a couple beers after work Friday night.....you can't
give up just one of those one time a month?

I don't even have the pump yet, but I feel I have learned enough that when I
get my hot little hands on one, there will be no problems that cannot be
easily overcome and that's worth it for me.

I have to pay by check so I figured I'd design my own little challenge. So
here it is.

I challenge any other newbies that have been on this list less than 6 months
and haven't yet contributed financially to maintaining the list to get out
your checkbook and contribute $100, in increments of $10 a month. If just 9
other people do this....I'm absolutely certain I've seen waaaay more than 9
new profiles this week alone......then we will have contributed $1000 to the
list for this year. Nuff said? 

Here is my automatic payment set to start next Friday, and to be paid each
month until $100. I dare the rest of you new to the list to do the

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