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[IP] Re: about Insulin-pumpers

Brent said it well. If you do not agree with the way Michael operates, you are
free to leave.
But allow me to add a little personal insight. I really do not care how much
Michael keeps for himself. As far as I am concerned, it could be in the six
figures and I would not be upset. Hmmm, the Medtronic (or other company) execs
are millionaires many times over--do we stop using their products?
I have learned more from IP these past seven years than I have from any
medical "professionals" in my 43 years of diabetes. I am thankful beyond words
for IP and the many tips and explanations that have been offered here. And I
know many on the list have received tangible help from Michael in the way of
supplies, and between users themselves.
I have also volunteered to write grant applications for IP. In my career, I
have garnered more than $60 million in grants. You make it sound so easy to
get grants. But from all of the applications I submitted for IP, not a single
corporation or foundation wanted to support IP.
Trying to get grants for IP is tough. First, it is a virtual nonprofit, which
potential donors, even in these times, are reluctant to support. Second, the
customers, though diverse in some respects, are not generally the same
demographic that usually receives much of the charitable donations. Third, IP
does not have a slick PR component to market the organization, unlike, for
example, the March of Dimes or the ADA for that matter. There are other
reasons as well. It is a hard sell.
So, in that which you are expert, please feel free to share your knowledge
with the list. Of course, you are entitled to be skeptical and, if none of
these responses helps to edify the reality of IP's situation, you can move on.
But if you stay, I do ask that you do not disrespect Michael, whom you
obviously do not know, and in those matters you are not expert, please refrain
from jumping to conclusions.
BTW, one of the things I have always cherished about IP is the remarkable
level of civility and kindness consistently demonstrated by its members,
especially compared to othe boards. I hope that never changes.
James Parsons

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