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[IP] RE: [IPn] about Insulin Pumpers


I do my part for the diabetic community, going back to my first ADA Mother's
Day Flower Sale in 1981 (which, incidentally, is much longer than the 10
years you've run Insulin Pumpers).

Yes I have run a business (and I have worked in management for several
others, including non-profits)... And for much less than $20,000 a year. 

Additionally I've never been smug or self-righteous about any of it ("what
have YOU done for the community..."), nor guilted people into giving me
their money. Nor have I been openly hostile toward anyone who had legitimate
questions for me. 

As with any non-profit, I know that you really need to sell yourself to get
contributions. You need to be rubbing elbows. You need to be contacting
corporations. You need to be researching available grant money. And you need
to have your presentation together so that when prospective donors go to
look at what they're giving their money to, they can feel confident that the
money will be used wisely and properly.

There's obviously many different ways to present oneself and one's
organization (and I'm hazarding a guess that we both are on opposite ends of
that spectrum), but the tone of your response below speaks volumes as to why
you may be struggling to get donations.

I'm not trying to discount the good work you do; just the heavy-handedness
and antiquated technology via which you're doing it. The listserve is clunky
and could be run more efficiently (which would probably save you server
resources, too). The website is sloppy and disorganized, unless you're
looking for links to donate money. Most links on the website take you off to
other sites.

I just can't see where $20,000 a year is going... And therefore am
personally hesitant to contribute. A cleaned up, professional-looking site,
which clearly shows you're wisely utilizing the donations and resources you
ARE receiving, and that focuses less on sending you money and more on
actually providing valuable resources to those you claim to be helping,
would most certainly bolster faith in your mission and probably bring in
even more money.

Sorry if that rubs you the wrong way, but judging by the other emails I've
received, I know I'm not the only one thinking it. My intention was not to
start a personal campaign against you, and at the time of my original email
I wasn't even aware that this was someone's full-time job or that you had
offices (again, something that is not conveyed by the substance or style of
the web site).

Best to you in your endeavors,


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Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 1:39 PM
To: Brad Bergman
Subject: RE: [IPn] about Insulin Pumpers

> Michael,
> Not to doubt your good intentions, or to imply that I'm not grateful 
> for the group, but as a web developer I have a difficult time 
> understanding why you're spending $5000 a quarter to run the website 
> and the list serve?
> If your 'staff' and moderators are volunteer, at the most you should 
> be paying $100 a year for the servers and support that could run a 
> site and list serve like this.
> Heck, for less than that I could offer you a sub-account on my servers 
> and make that my contribution to the group.
> -Brad

Well Brad,

You've clearly never run a business. I have run several, counting in 
my career 3 turns as CEO of various companies with hundreds of 
employees. It takes money to run any kind of business, even a small 
non-profit like Insulin Pumpers and even if you give away the product 
as Insulin Pumpers and Insulin Pumpers Foundation do.

There is no requirement that any forum member make a donation, just 
as with public radio.... you can listen for free. However, if someone 
does not pony up and help out the resource will eventually go away to 
the detriment of everyone that now benefits from it, you included.

I've run Insulin Pumpers for ten years now. Every year I've drawn 
down my savings to do so. It's no secret that I receive a modest 
salary and the financials of the organization have always been 
available for public scrutiny. Just out of curiosity, what have you 
done for the diabetes community lately?


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