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Re: [IP] RE: [IPn] about Insulin Pumpers


I don't often ask questions of the list, or even take part in all that many
discussions. I contribute when i feel like i have something worth saying
that hasn't already been said by all the other pumpers. So i am not
surprised if most of you reading this have no idea who I am.

I am, however, one heck of a lurker. I read these emails every day. I am the
only pumper i know. There are no support groups in my area that i can take
part in. So I rely on this list to get tips and suggestions from other
pumpers.  Which is why i will make a donation every time you ask us to
contribute for the pledge drives without thinking twice about where the
money goes.

I can't imagine reading this email string was very fun for you. So I would
just like to say thank you. I appreciate this list for what it is. I
personally do not need you to justify how you spend your money. I take
solace in knowing that if i am ever in a bind with insurance or supplies, i
have a place i can turn to.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


On 5/2/08, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > Not to add fuel to the fire, but a look at the IRS Form 990's are
> > extremely instructive.
> >
> > Per the most recent filing, Insulin-pumpers.org had total revenue from
> > 7/1/06 to 6/30/07 of $74,310. From that revenue, $28,800 was paid to
> > Michael and Michelle in salary, and $12,701 was paid to them in
> > "contributions to employee benefit plans and deferred compensation",
> > for a total of $41,501.
> FYI, for both IP and IPF
> "contributions to employee benefit plans and deferred compensation"
> are medical benefits as well as the statutory payments to the IRS,
> the state of Calif., and Workmen's Comp. That's it. My family does
> not see any of that, it flows to the government or some insurance
> companies coffers. I certainly could use a few pointer on how to
> stretch the "net" 40+k a year to cover my mortgage and my 4 kids in
> college. Yep, it's only 4. The fifth one graduated in March and will
> actually have a full time job starting at the end of the month.
> Welcome to my world.... and BTW, Insulin Pumpers Foundation gave away
> almost $100,000 in supplies last year (thank you donors ;-) and is on
> track to do the same this year. That amounts to several thousands of
> dollars in shipping charges that your contributions help to support
> among other things. I haven't asked for supply donations in well over
> a year yet the boxes keep arriving almost daily. I receive on the
> average about 6 calls a day from people that are in deep doo-doo
> because they have lost insurance coverage or their job or both and
> don't know what to do. Consider..... KNOW ONE KNOWS that Insulin
> Pumpers provides supplies. It has never been advertised.
> So in all of this, correspondence of 50-100 emails daily, maintaining
> the computer systems and software that keeps Insulin Pumpers running,
> shmoozing with the generous business sponsors that help support IP
> (and shmoozing with the ones that don't yet but I hope will in the
> future), unpacking boxes of supplies, packing boxes of supplies, the
> daily Post Office run (it's cheaper than UPS). There are a few
> dollars spent. Do I receive a salary? Yes, about a third of what I
> could earn doing something else. Want my job? You are welcome to it
> ;-)
> Michael
> BTW, if you'd like to see the office, the photos are on the FAQ page
> of the web site right here:
>        http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/faq/office.html
> ....only in reality, the front and back office is currently stacked
> with boxes of donated supplies that are waiting to be opened and
> inventoried. I'm about a month or two behind in that. sigh.....
> .
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