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Re: [IP] free sharps container

Yep, got mine in the mail today too.  It's kind of nice, especially  
considering the price.  I was hoping that the top would have smaller,  
child-proof opening like the ones used in the hospitals (with the  
flap that closes and little fingers can't get inside), but hey, I  
won't complain about a free sharps container!  Nice to see that we  
actually can get something for nothing.
On May 1, 2008, at 11:39 PM, Elizabeth Blake wrote:

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>  A few weeks ago, someone here on the list posted a message about a  
> free sharps
> container:
> https://www.enlivenservices.com/ra/ongoingsupport/forms/sharps- 
> container.jsp
>  I filled out the form, and mine arrived today. It's about twice  
> the size of the
> BD containers I usually buy. It's got a large opening, which will  
> make it easy
> to dispose of the transfer caps for the MM reservoirs.
>  The offer is aimed at people who use Enbrel, which has nothing to  
> do with
> diabetes (but it is an injectable that treats other autoimmune  
> conditions) but
> it doesn't ask for much information, just wheteher or not you  
> currently use
> Enbrel.
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