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RE: [IP] RE: [IPn] about Insulin Pumpers

 I don't intend to speak for anyone but myself, but I may be doing just
that...who cares? I don't give a hoot what Michael makes or who volunteers or
what they do with money. I don't care if they report it to the IRS or not, I
don't care if he get so much money that he uses it to stuff the pillows he
sleeps with. I know that I'm thankful that this program is in effect and that I,
even though I haven't been able to contribute to it financially yet because of
my initial expenses since starting on the OmniPod in January, still am able to
benefit from it. It doesn't matter to me if every cent collected goes right into
Michael's pocket or if he uses it to put new windows in his house. I don't
personally know him, I don't personally know his character, but it seems to me
that there are a lot of people here that think an awful lot of this man and I
certainly know that I think an awful lot about what he has been able to provide
for me by taking the time and energy and monies
  to create this list. I agree with whoever said that this should be taken up
with Michael directly, privately. I'm sure there are more people reading this
that feel the same way I do. I just don't see how it matters the least little
bit to obsess about this...

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Not to add fuel to the fire, but a look at the IRS Form 990's are extremely

Per the most recent filing, Insulin-pumpers.org had total revenue from 7/1/06
to 6/30/07 of $74,310. From that revenue, $28,800 was paid to Michael and
Michelle in salary, and $12,701 was paid to them in "contributions to employee
benefit plans and deferred compensation", for a total of $41,501.

$13,822 was spent on rent (office?, apartment?, home? not specified) and
approx. $7500 on other office expenses. Of that $7500, just under $2300 was
spent on "travel".

In addition, Insulin Pumpers Foundation took in contributions of $92,000 (35k
cash & 56k non-cash) and revenue of $16,000 during the same time period. From
the 51k of cash revenue, Michael was paid 26k salary and $12,823
"contributions to employee benefit plans and deferred compensation". He does
not appear to be living on less than 20k per year.

It will be interesting to see if this makes it to the list.

regards, David

>>Hi Brad,
>>as someone who runs a not-so-small system himself, I'd be happy to
>But Michael has one disadvantage, compared to you: He (and his
>family) needs food. I am happy that IP has other sources of income
>(I think member donations are more than half the total), because
>living on less than $20k a year (before taxes) does not sound like
>fun at all.

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