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Re: [IP] RE: [IPn] about Insulin Pumpers

 This question might be better suited to take to Michael directly (privately)
rather than staging a witch-hunt in public. He's been very good about answering
questions like this in the past when asked nicely.

 Anyone who has been around this list for a while is comfortable with the way
Michael spends contributions and proceeds. For those that aren't, leaving is
always an option.


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Not to add fuel to the fire, but a look at the IRS Form 990's are extremely

Per the most recent filing, Insulin-pumpers.org had total revenue from 7/1/06
to 6/30/07 of $74,310. From that revenue, $28,800 was paid to Michael and
Michelle in salary, and $12,701 was paid to them in "contributions to employee
benefit plans and deferred compensation", for a total of $41,501.

$13,822 was spent on rent (office?, apartment?, home? not specified) and
approx. $7500 on other office expenses. Of that $7500, just under $2300 was
spent on "travel".

In addition, Insulin Pumpers Foundation took in contributions of $92,000 (35k
cash & 56k non-cash) and revenue of $16,000 during the same time period. From
the 51k of cash revenue, Michael was paid 26k salary and $12,823
"contributions to employee benefit plans and deferred compensation". He does
not appear to be living on less than 20k per year.

It will be interesting to see if this makes it to the list.

regards, David
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