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[IP] Problem with Quickserter

Hi -

I use the Paradigm 522 and for several months have used the quicksets and
inserter.  In general, I like that infusion set as opposed to the Sof-serter
(with the tail) that I had used for years.  However, I seem to be having a
problem many times when I change my set.

Somehow, as I am placing the set/needle in the inserter and pulling back the
plunger, part of the set (the sticky  tape) gets caught on the inserter and
will not budge.  I carefully try to remove it, but that glue is STRONG.
Usually in desperation I just yank it apart but then must discard the set.
What a waste of money!!

What am I doing wrong?? This doesn't happen all the time, but too often to
suit me.  I'm starting to think something is wrong with the inserter.  Anyone
have any ideas??  Thanks & regards to all.


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