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RE: [IP] Re: [IPn] about Insulin Pumpers

Nope, I didn't think about the following, cause I didn't realize running the
site and email lists was a (full time?) job. With an office. And their own
servers. And with an office???

I guess I was left with the impression (dunno where I'd get that impression
from) that it wasn't a professional operation. And since any information on
the web regarding the Foundation is all self-referential (only available on
their own website), regardless of being able to search the IRS database to
prove they have registered as a 501c(3) organization, details of the company
and Foundation are minimal, if not nonexistent.

And by nature I'm just suspicious of online solicitation of funds,
especially from the people they're purporting to help.

So if what you say is true, then I guess I'd encourage Michael to
investigate grant writing (so many organizations are looking for charities
to throw money at), and to secure funding for a more current, more
professional web site and better email software. And to provide services to
members without all the heavy-handed solicitations.


P.S. I do have my own office, and my own electricity, and my own computers,
and my own phones, and my own renter's insurance, and my own internet
connection, and my own company... and my costs aren't anywhere close to
$20,000 annually. While I pay another company to host my servers, even that
doesn't come close to the total cost.

-----Original Message-----
R Leppanen wrote:

>>Did you EVER think about the following
>>Rent on the office
>>Electricty for the office
>>Computer upgrades to keep computers up to date Computer Fixes to keep
computers up to date renters insurance to replace the things that are in the
office, incase of emergencies (ie fire) Phone service (so you CAN get ahold
of Mr Robinton if you need to speak to
>>the cost of the internet connection as HE OWNS his own servers AND He does
this as a FULL time (or more) Job. And he DOES deserve a little $$$ for his
time and energy for running this site .
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