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RE: [IP] Pump supply kits?

I have had to use my backup that I carry with me, more than enough times
that I can count.
I ride the city bus for my transportation, and I have had it caught on a
corner (tubing), I have had a site start to go bad while out and about, and
I have even had a cartridge malfunction.. the little nib that the leur lock
attaches itself to on the cartridge break off, so I needed not only to
change cartridge due to it the breakage, but also the site due to not being
able to get the piece of cartridge out of the connector.
So that time I had to replace everything.. cartridge, site and insulin.
Most times, all I have to replace is site/tubing. Only twice have I had to
replace everything while out and about.
I carry my bag in my bag that I carry with me, almost everywhere as I not
only have to carry pump supplies, but T.E.N.S.unit supplies (extra
electrodes, ect), I also carry medical records.. (copies) due to my medical
issues, and if I fall I have to visit a emergency room (MD orders) due to
the fagility of my bones (osteoparosis, osteomalacia, ect), and the fact
that the last 5 falls (which I am very prone to due to back issues), I have
done hairline fx's of L3, L4, L5 and S1 (even though they are fused together
like they should NOT be, they do fracture like normal bone) and that way I
have the medical records to show them, exactly what is going on with me with
my back and bones. (only 1 time was I made to feel like a POS.. and it was a
hospital/doc that did not listen, nor read records that I carry with me).
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