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RE: [IP] Diabetes Breakthrough?

A few things come to mind:

1) "to unveil to the world the plans for development of an implantable
glucose sensor" is very different from "have developed" or "have figured out
how to develop" or "have received FDA approval for"... 

It's all PR jargon intended to boost stock prices.

<incoming insider trading tip...>

On that note, I'd like to unveil to the world my plans to think about
developing a cure for diabetes, to put food on every family's table, and to
give $600 tax rebates to all Americans, to bring peace to the Middle East,
to harness the energy of a dying supernova, to...

It ain't gonna happen, folks.

2) That inserter 'needle' is friggin' HUGE! No way in hell is that going
into me! I'd much rather poke my finger!

3) It still has to be replaced every 6 months... So how do you get the old
one out? Dig a hole in your arm with a Swiss Army pocket knife?

4) "I think the goal would be for the diabetic not to even remember that
they're a diabetic." 

I'm sorry, folks, but this is a fantasy, and as a diabetic this sentiment
really angers me, especially coming from a physician. As long as we're
diabetics, we're going to HAVE to remember the fact that we're diabetics.
The moment we forget that fact, we're gonna end up in the ER, or dead on

We can't rest on our laurels and depend on sub-Q chips (that have to be
removed) and machines (that run on batteries that die, and infusion sets
that leave bruises, and tubing that cats can shred right through) to manage
this disease for us.

It's just a fact of life. It's still a good life, and worth every moment,
but it's not going to be all roses and sunshine daisies like these companies
want us to believe for the benefit of their shareholders.

<steps off soap box>


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>> <http://www.foxnews.com/health/diabetes/index.html#> Diabetes
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