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RE: Subject: [IP] Digital PDA for carb counting?

Yet ANOTHER PERFECT example of YMMV (Your Mileage May {and likely WILL}

Yes, the 2020, and IR 1250's meal database WILL allow you to select MULTIPLE
items, and have those item's values added together to arrive at the
calculated amount of total Carbohydrates.

But as limiting as the food description length is, on my pump, I almost
exclusively eat foods with the Nutritional Info printed on the label, and
manually add the totals together to enter into the Bolus Wizard.  About the
ONLY time I use my 2020 pump carb database is when I have drinks like BEER,
where I can find the Nutrition Info ONLINE, enter it into my pump as a
"Favorite", then from that point on, if I have that brand again, enter the
current BG reading, go to Favorites, select what I plan on eating/drinking,
and let my pump do the calculations.

What Animas STILL NEEDS in their pump logic is a way to allow the user to
enter total carbohydrates for items NOT in the in-pump database, then add
those carbs to the number of carbs selected from the database, and give a
TOTAL of the 2 results added together...

As-is, if I have 2 pieces of Banquet Chicken (carb info given is 3 ounce
serving sizes instead of individual PIECE carb values, as would be
LOGICAL... How many people WEIGH the meal, and DIVIDE ONE thigh down to 1 -
1.5 "servings"???  Carb values for things like Chicken should be listed by
"Majority Selected" serving sizes... ONE Drumstick = 1 serving... ONE Thigh
= 1 serving...  ONE Breast = 1 serving...  ONE WING = 1 serving...  ALL
servings above are DIFFERENT WEIGHTS, and will have DIFFERENT amount of
carbohydrates...  So WHY ON EARTH would the maker expect the typical
consumer to do yet MORE WORK and SUB-DIVIDE the portions into specific
WEIGHT SIZE servings???)

With things like Poultry, it seems TOTALLY ILLOGICAL to list nutritional
info based on ounces of TOTAL servings size...  ONE OUNCE of a DRUMSTICK
will contain MORE grams Carbohydrates than ONE OUNCE of Breast Meat since in
the drumstick; the meat layer would be thinner, meaning more of the ounce
coming from the breading...  While the ONE OUNCE of Breast meat would most
likely be between 90 & 99% MEAT PROTEIN, and nearly ZERO grams of

But I'm sure I'm NOT the ONLY one who has to STILL make "educated guess"
corrections on the calculated results based on how hard I'm working at the
time, and what time of day/night it is.

Typically, during my work shift, I will REDUCE my meal Bolus amount by 1/4 -
3/4 of the calculated Bolus amount, and STILL occasionally find myself
ending up with LOW BG readings by next time I test.

If ONLY there was some way to ACCURATELY calculate the I/C ratio needed at
the time based on current activity level...  If anybody knows of a way to do
that... Let US KNOW...


Remember...  Do the BEST YOU CAN... ALWAYS!!!   If you can't depend on
YOURSELF...  Who ELSE can you trust to know what you need when???  And if
YOU can't depend on yourself to follow through, how can you possibly expect
somebody ELSE to trust you to keep your promises???

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Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 08:06:24 -0700
From: "Brad Bergman" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: Subject: [IP] Digital PDA for carb counting?

Ah... Very nice feature.

So does the "Food List" automatically plug in the amount of carbs for the
item(s) you select from the list? And does it let you add items together?
Say you're having pasta with a heap of mashed potatoes and a side of
biscuits and gravy? :)

No bagels?  But wasn't the great Utopian promise of the insulin pump to give
us "freedom to eat what you want, when you want?" I'm a carb fiend myself.
Love carbs! I have learned on high-carb meals (love carbs!) to increase the
estimated bolus by a little bit, but I rarely spike from high-carb meals
(love carbs!).

Lovin' my carbs,
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