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Re: Subject: [IP] Digital PDA for carb counting?

At 10:09 AM 5/1/2008, email @ redacted wrote:
>The Animas 1250 has a "carb smart" bolus feature. When you select it, it asks
>you for the number of carbs. If you're not sure, you can select a "Food List"
>which will provide you the number of carbs for a single serving of 
>whatever you
>select. Then you enter your BG and voila, it calculates your bolus 
>for you. I do
>admit, however, to never using it. I've been counting carbs for so 
>long, I just
>kinda know stuff in my head. And as somebody else mentioned, I do 
>tend to stick
>to low carb foods in general because they don't spike my BG. I have discovered
>there's not enough insulin in the world to cover a bagel. At least, 
>not for me.
>:-0 Happy counting!
>Best, Margaret

The 2020 also has a food database on the pump.  You can make 
adjustments to it using your PC and add your most commonly eaten 
foods to the "Favorites" category.  Makes life simple if you tend to 
eat the same foods all the time.

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