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[IP] RE: Pump Kits

I don't carry much for supplies myself either unless of course I am
traveling.  Between my wife and all of here ailments and my diabetes, I
think we could use a whole suitcase lol.

When I am home or at work though, I have my little "man purse" which is a
freestyle flash meter, strips, lancet device and a few extra lancets.  A
spare AAA battery or two and that's just about it.

In all the years I have been pumping, I have only gotten messed up one time.
I accidentally pulled out my infusion set on a arm rest on my chair at work.
I had to drive home 30 miles to fix it.  I swore I would always carry a
"spare" but still don't do it.

I have a few boxes of Cleo infusion sets.  I plan on putting a couple of
those in my goodie bag someday.

Mark T. Edmond Ok. Pumping with a Cozmo Pump
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