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Subject: [IP] Digital PDA for carb counting?

Hi Brad:

You wrote:


I think I heard
someone mention their pump has a built in database, too? (??!)

And I reply:

 The Animas 1250 has a "carb smart" bolus feature. When you select it, it asks
you for the number of carbs. If you're not sure, you can select a "Food List"
which will provide you the number of carbs for a single serving of whatever you
select. Then you enter your BG and voila, it calculates your bolus for you. I do
admit, however, to never using it. I've been counting carbs for so long, I just
kinda know stuff in my head. And as somebody else mentioned, I do tend to stick
to low carb foods in general because they don't spike my BG. I have discovered
there's not enough insulin in the world to cover a bagel. At least, not for me.
:-0 Happy counting!

Best, Margaret
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