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RE: [IP] Insurance - got to love them!

With my insurance the supplies except insulin is covered under durable
medical. Ask them about this. 

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When insurance companies start impeding on my son's health, it really upsets
me....  We have Aetna Insurance and they approved Adam's pump and paid for
it.  In January we ordered our first order of supplies and what a time it
was.  All of our prescription medicine is ordered through ExpressScripts.  I
called them in January to order supplies - the reservoir and quick-set and
they told me that they do not carry them and I would have to go through
Minimed.  I called Minimed and they shipped me the parts right away, no
money was needed on my end for they were going to submit directly to the
company.  I later received a denial from Aetna to pay for the parts and when
I questioned this with Aetna, they stated I needed to go through
ExpressScripts...to make a long story short with this situation, nothing was
resolved and I still owe Minimed over $500 and they haven't billed me yet
(of course I am fighting this with my insurance company - why would they
approve the pump, but not the parts).  About a month ago, again I sent the
prescription to ExpressScripts and after 10 or more days was told that they
could not send the reservoir and quickset, I had to go through MiniMed. 
Well... guess what, the two parts I had remaining failed and tonight I sit
here with no quickset to insert into my son in order to provide him with
insulin, all because no one knows who is on first...!!!  I did call Minimed
and they are going to ship to me next day upon Aetna approval, what this
means I don't know.... I need to call Aetna tomorrow... IN the meantime,
Adam's doctor stated he will need to have a corrective shot every four hours
(ouch...).  What a mess, insurance companies, don't you love them!!!!!!!  If
I carried $500 in my checkbook every month I would pay for this expense
myself and forget about insurance!
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