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RE: [IP] Syringe Exchange

Legalize all drugs?  We would have a bigger problem. You would still
have to say no to surgeons, pilots, police, military, children etc. The
list would go on and on.  Except for those who operate on you or fly you

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Well, Audrey, you were on the right track, but your logic is a bit 
flawed.  Stealing candy doesn't transmit AIDS.  Sharing needles does.  
Needle exchange is a program that's called "harm reduction".  I think 
this is wayyyyy too off topic for this list, but I would advise your 
sister to stop complaining about something she apparently does not 
understand.  Use of medications that the body develops a need for is 
called "dependence".  An uncontrolled use outside of normal medical 
purposes is called addiction (loosely).  There's a big difference.  
HUGE!  And yes, we should legalize all drugs, that way we wouldn't have 
a drug problem any more.  The people who use judiciously would be able 
to sustain themselves on whatever their drug of choice was, and the 
people that couldn't control themselves would just burn out (die). 

Antonio in LA
Age 40, Type 1 since 1993
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Audrey Karperien wrote:
 > I quite agree - I am an IP addict. On the subject of addictions, my
sister in
 > law laments that drug addicts in her city are given free syringes, as
a means
 > prevent worse things from happening. The logic in that sort of
strategy is
 > (e.g., lets give our kids lots of candy so they don't steal it; since
> stop theft and murder, let's legalize them so we can at least control
 > But, anyway, my sister in law laments her city's syringe giving
> her husband and daughter are type 1 diabetics, therefore she figures
they are
 > insulin addicts, so should get free syringes, but the city does not
> her.
> .
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