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[IP] Re: Jury duty

I personally find NOT serving on jury duty because of diabetes just an excuse,
except for the case of a young
mother, as the lady mentioned for her case.  I have served twice on jury duty
before going on the pump.  It's
our obligation, just as it's our obligation to vote.  Everyone who uses
diabetes as an excuse not to do something,
just makes it harder for all of us. My father, who's type 2, controlled by
diet only, got his Doc to write a note
excusing him because of his diabetes, just because he didn't want to do it. I
was furious. So, what do you say to
the people, who the next time you want to do something, and they say - oh -
diabetics CAN'T do that?!  I URGE you
to remember - when you use diabetes as an excuse, you make it harder for
everyone!! I have enough REAL battles,
without battling people's misconceptions about diabetes. You CAN serve on jury
duty as a Type 1.  You CAN work shift
work.  You CAN run marathons.  You CAN pack up your syringe and travel
anywhere.  These are all battles I have fought
and won.  But why are these battles in the first place? Because some
uninformed person judges us all as unfable to do it,
and you who help perpetuate that myth do damage to us all.  Jane (Type 1 for
41 years) PS - OK, this personally
torques me, but I'm off my soap box now.
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