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Re: [IP] tegaderm?

eeks, the alcohol might not work for me, at that high 'dosage'


every spot that tape or scratching damages, causes a new patch of eczema
that never really/fully goes away, reducing potential sites :-(

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> <<the reason I asked is that I have lots of skin issues, with Eczema and
> tape products bother me quite badly, often tearing up the skin :-(>>
> Michelle,
>  I too have eczema, but I also have psorisis. I use Tegaderm HP (for that
> what I currently have) when my sets are coming up around the edges. If I
> Mastisol under the set and then put the tegaderm over that, it sticks quit
> and has been known to take a layer of skin off. But what I have found that
> prevents the tegaderm from removing some of the skin is to throughly soak
> area when wanting to remove the set with rubbing alcohol or use cotton
> soaked with a little detachol.
> R. Leppanen
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