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Re: [IP] Upgrade, now what?

Of course, any decent IG and CO could make his life 'interesting' if  
you were to fill them in on what's going on....<VVBG> (That's from my  
fella, who is ex-Army)

Dale-Macintosh and other disability advocacy groups should have some  
other tips and ideas too. You need coverage, and if Medicaid can be  
brought into it, at least you'd have some meds and a doctor to see.

On May 13, 2006, at 6:44 AM, Shirley Clegg wrote:

Betsy, you are exactly on point.  Unfortunately, the military Tricare
coverage dies with your marriage.  It is not possible to "require" the
military to cover anyone...and there lies the rub.  Interestingly, there
were many supportive responses regarding the divorce and not one  
the issue of no resources to sell cheaply or trade up the IR1000  
for the now needed IR1250 ones. eBay boots any efforts to sell the
cartridges even though it is an empty plastic tube sealed in a plastic
wrapper...it's frustrating! You would think you're trying to sell  
drugs. On
the insurance coverage, my attorney has done quite a bit of research  
and if
an insurance company cannot be found who will insure me (and I am on the
uninsurable list due to the big D as well as failed spinal fusion)  
there is
nothing the court can order regarding insurance. There is no cobra for
military insurance. They can't pull a company out of their hat.  
Thanks to
each of you for your concerns. I do appreciate it.
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