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RE: [IP] Visual scotoma during hypo

 Hi! I experience visual changes in the 70's. Things appear to be outlined in
black OR everything is too white for me to see. I have no idea what I would
experience in the 30's but never want to let my B.S. get that low. I would
rather stay a little higher than to risk the horrible lows I have heard about
here and on other message boards. I don't want the complications of high B.S.
(of course) but my quality of life is poor when I am too low, too often. I am
fortunate to have the visual changes as a signal that I am going low. My A1c
will never be in the low 6's or in the 5's, but this is how I choose to live. My
CDE told me that having a level B.S. is better than extreme highs and lows even
if the A1c number runs higher. She (and I) are happy with a 7.0 A1c. This is
only one opinion and I apologize for rambling on.Thanks--Yvonne

John S Wilkinson <email @ redacted> wrote:
  Yes, when I am in the 30's my vision has a dark and light crinkle like
effect. It is very noticeable. I just reach for the glucose tabs.

Have A Good Day
John S Wilkinson
Rome, New York

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On the rare occasions when my glucose drops into the 30's I see a blacked
out irregular shaped area in the center of the visual field of each eye,
about the size of the hand at arms length. I am able to switch attention
between eyes, so I can see it there in each eye. My opthalmologist thinks it
is a central effect in the processing centers of the brain, but I think it
is more likely in the retina of each eye. If I wake up at night and see dark
spots visible against the dimly lit wall, I know my blood sugar is extremely
low before I even do a blood test.

Does anyone else expeerience such visual manifestations of blood sugar in
the 30's? .
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