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Re: [IP] We won!

The war continues...

This has been just the latest battle - this one comes up every year, and 
this is the closest it has come to becoming law.  We'll be revisiting 
this soon - I guarantee it.  I hope the next congress won't be as 
receptive to these sorts of bills.

Visit my blog - http://waronhealthcare.blogspot.com - I'll keep it 
up-to-date as the next battle begins.

Congratulations to ALL who helped oppose this bill.  I'd like to 
personally thank everyone who joined up with the Insulin Pump Advocates 
lobbying group.  If you're interested in joining it, please send 
email @ redacted an email with your name, city and state.  I'll 
happily add you.  The group currently has 22 members.  I hope we can use 
this group for future efforts like this!!!

In case you weren't aware, this group was able to get a meeting with 
Sen. Feinstein's staff and plead our case.


The Kubicka Family wrote:
> This is good news! Way to go to everyone who called!  Do you think they
>will try to bring it up again?
>Married to Tom 19 years
>Mom to Jono (12 yrs), Jacob (7 yrs)
>and Mollie (just turned 3 yrs, dx 9-16-05, pumping Animas 12-12-05)
>Hastings, Nebraska
>"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He
>didn't trust me so much."
>---Mother Teresa
>-------Original Message-------
>From: MakingNoise MakingNoise
>Date: 05/12/06 07:57:11
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: called!
>We won! The bill didn't have enough votes for cloture so it effectively died
>last tonight in the Senate.  Many, many congrats to you for contacting your
>Senator and asking them to oppose this bill!
>Neil Milks
>Grassroots Advocacy
>Government Affairs & Advocacy
>American Diabetes Association
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>>>>"The Kubicka Family" <email @ redacted> 05/10/06 7:05 PM >>>
>I've called and also forwarded message out to our diabetes support group
>urging them to do the same.
>Melissa Vap Kubicka
>American Diabetes Association
>Cure. Care. Commitment.
>Visit us at http://diabetes.org
>Or Call 1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383)
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