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[IP] Re: Re: Strange epsodes related to diabetes????????????

Hi - I was just dx with  hyperparathyroid with hypercalcemia and this sounds 
alot like the episodes I have.... confusion to the point my speech is 
affected, zoned out feeling, extreme fatigue.....
Might be something to check next time you have labs done....
big hugs, good luck....not fun at all....

" I have had three episodes in the last two years that cannot be diagnosed. 
have been through a long series of tests: EKG, EEG, MRI, Blood tests.... 
one of these episodes, I simply zoned out. I was conscious but unaware. 
the other two, my speech was garbled. I could THINK correctly, but I could 
speak intelligibly. After all three, I became very, very tried and slept for
about five hours. My blood sugar was low during only ONE of these episodes. 
recently spoke to my hematologist about them, and she said that since the 
indicated no malfunction, she would attribute the cause to diabetes. Has 
out there had similar episodes?" 
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