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RE: [IP] good A1Cs without frequent lows possible? (Brain damage)

 Yup. I'm more rigid about avoiding hypos than hypers, but I'm not tolerant of
either one. We all
 have to adapt to our particular situations to the best of our abilities. I do
end up dealing with
high glucose levels more than I would if I weren't so focused on avoiding lows.

 In another message, you mentioned Dr. Bernstein and his emphasis on the Law of
Large Numbers. I do
 agree that lowering carbs would help in your situation. I do fairly high carbs,
and it definitely
 makes my job a lot harder. I've done low carb, and my control was a lot better,
but I lost weight,
 and I didn't feel well, probably due to interaction with my other endocrine
issues. But I'm
abnormal, and a lot of people report feeling a lot better on low carb.

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 Thank You Bob. That is exactly what I was looking for. Now I have to choose
weather to have
 complications from being to low or being to high. I guess that is part of being
Diabetic. I am not a
 normal non diabetic and probably will never be. Just have to try to get to
normal numbers the best
way I can, even when it means I subject myself to problems I can't control.
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