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RE: [IP] Re: Strange epsodes related to diabetes????????????

 I've experienced having problems blamed, with no evidence, on endocrine
problems. I've had
 neurological problems blamed on diabetes. I've even had diabetes blamed on
steroid usage for asthma.

 That's even the official definition of diabetic peripheral neuropathy --
neuropathy you can't show a
cause for in a person with diabetes.

 But anyway, why are you asking your hematologist about neurology? So she blames
it on
 endocrinology... Right or wrong, she's out of her field. You need to talk to
your neurologist.

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  I have had three episodes in the last two years that cannot be diagnosed. I
have been through a
 long series of tests: EKG, EEG, MRI, Blood tests.... During one of these
episodes, I simply zoned
 out. I was conscious but unaware. During the other two, my speech was garbled.
I could THINK
 correctly, but I could not speak intelligibly. After all three, I became very,
very tried and slept
 for about five hours. My blood sugar was low during only ONE of these episodes.
I recently spoke to
 my hematologist about them, and she said that since the tests indicated no
malfunction, she would
attribute the cause to diabetes. Has anybody out there had similar episodes?
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