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Re: [IP] hypo unawareness happening

and at that low number (30, 40 or 50), if you were sitting down, you may
have been functioning pretty well, compared to what happens when you stand
up and your back needs that energy to hold you up :-)

I have noticed that a low is easier to spot when standing or taking off
quickly (walking fast form a stop) or esp when I get up to go get some

----- Original Message ----- 
Betsy wrote>
> Over 49 years with Type 1, I also don't notice lows unless they are very
> rapid.  After getting home and doing a test and also finding myself under
> 20, I no longer start driving under 100 (good advice from IP list find I
> function very well with low sugars (60-40 range).  I get sluggish when
> 150.  YMMV.
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