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RE: [IP] hypo unawareness happening

> >> I don't think it's a problem for just you. How long have you been
diabetic? I'm going on 35 years and I have driven home from work, checked my
BG and found out that 
I was driving with a BG of 17. My husband didn't even notice anything wrong.
I have found that I can function quite well in the 50 - 80 range. <<

Over 49 years with Type 1, I also don't notice lows unless they are very
rapid.  After getting home and doing a test and also finding myself under
20, I no longer start driving under 100 (good advice from IP list find I
function very well with low sugars (60-40 range).  I get sluggish when over
150.  YMMV.  

Betsy Krussel, VA
dx 1957, pump 2000
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