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RE: [IP] good A1Cs without frequent lows possible?

I always test before driving and every hour while driving. I worry about not
being able to tell lows until I am in the 30's. That is why I am always
testing. My problem is I can eat the same thing and bolus the same amount
and get different reactions. Some times I am low after 1 hour, and other
times I am 200 2 hours after. I have kept a log of everything I eat and the
insulin I take and did pattern recognition studies with the Endo and all he
says is that I am an erratic Diabetic. I have started to reduce the amount
of carbs I eat so maybe Dr. Bernstein's theory of less numbers, less errors,
may be the way to change this.

Have A Good Day
John S Wilkinson
Rome, New York

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the only problem (besides the fact that at 40, YOU are probably not the best
person to determine your cognitive skills) it that it is not too far form 40
to 30 or even 20, and the idea of driving or being responsible for your own
or other's lives when you are that close to 30 is a scary thought, at least
to me :-)

who also has appeared (to myself, anyway) to function fairly well (at least
it seemd that way to me at hte time LOL) at those types of lows in the past

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> John S Wilkinson posted:
> I had it 70 and 80 and 90, they all caused  me to go higher. Like 
> 300's. So I have reduced them. My problem is I probably need a Hypo 
> that I cannot treat Myself to scare the be-jesus out of me. To me 40's 
> don't even cause
> They
> Change my eyesight a little. The 30's do cause some confusion though. 
> But
> still
> can function and do what I have to correct it. So what is the problem 
> with Hypos for me?
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