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RE: [IP] good A1Cs without frequent lows possible?

At 11:20 AM 5/9/2006, you wrote:
>I had it 70 and 80 and 90, they all caused  me to go higher. Like 300's.
>So I have reduced them. My problem is I probably need a Hypo that I cannot
>Myself to scare the be-jesus out of me. To me 40's don't even cause jitters,
>Change my eyesight a little. The 30's do cause some confusion though. But I
>can function and do what I have to correct it. So what is the problem with
>Hypos for me?
>Have A Good Day
>John S Wilkinson
>Rome, New York

40's don't cuase me jitters either.  In the 30's my eyesight might be 
a little blurry and my mind may be slowing down, but the thing is I 
don't notice so when I drop even a little more I end up on the floor, 
unconscious, having seizures.  Even if something in the back of my 
mind tells me that I'm not okay, sometimes it doesn't dawn on me to 
check my BG or eat, because I'm already too far down.  I might think 
I'm doing fine but people around me can tell I'm not.  Since I live 
alone, there's not always someone around to notice if I'm acting 
weird.  So, while I would love it if I could function happily with a 
target of 80-120 I have to admit that my CDE is right, and it needs 
to be set higher.  It isn't causing me to have highs in the 300's and 
usually don't go over 200 either.

I've had many hypos that scared the be-jesus out of me and don't want 
to have any more.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005 
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