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RE: [IP] good A1Cs without frequent lows possible?

This is my last 60 day reading 

HbA1c = 5.4%
Glucose Average:       105
% within Target:        70
# of Glucose Readings: 568
# of Hypo. Readings    67
Standard dilation:     44
Before Meal Target:    60 - 140
After Meal Target:     60 - 140
Hypoglycemic:          59

Have A Good Day
John S Wilkinson
Rome, New York

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Subject: [IP] good A1Cs without frequent lows possible?

<<<For those with excellent A1C, what target do you set, and how many 
lows<70 do
you get in a week?>>>

I'm also curious about this.  I can't get my A1C much below 7 without tons 
of hypos, and I wonder if I just consider a different level of "tons of 
hypos", or if my BGs are just more difficult to control (I do know that 
food/insulin are not very consistent day to day with me and I'm sure that 
has a lot to do with my A1C).

At 7 (target BG 110), my hypo rate averages out to about 1 hypo every 2 
days, and they're usually mild between 60 and 70 (this is completely OK by 
me).  At 6.6 (my lowest ever A1C, target set at 90) my hypo rate averages 
out to about 1.5-2 hypos a day with lots in the 40s and 50s, and some in the

30s (this is not acceptable in my book).

The other side to the story is that A1C is variable between people.  A 7.0 
for one person might mean the same thing as a 6.5 for another.  If you can 
gain improvement compared to yourself before and after pumping (or reduce 
the swinging range of high/low), then pumping is an improvement to your 
treatment, and you'll be lowering your risk of complications.

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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