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Re: [IP] good A1Cs without frequent lows possible?

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>I keep my A1C at about 7.0.....   the avg blood glucose of about 160 - -165, 
>on advice of my Endo. & common sense!
>Any lower would be asking for some lows!   There are many diabetics that 
>think that keeping their A1C in the 4.0 / 5.0 will keep them from some of 
>diabetic problems.
>*** Severe Hypos are a lot more of a problem than loosing a foot or some of 
>the other problems doctors like to warn us of :)

 My CDE wants me to aim for an A1c of 6.0. For the last couple of years they've
been in the low-mid 5's and twice I hit 4.9. And yes, it took many lows to get
those numbers. My brain wouldn't let me feel comfortable aiming for a 7, but I
think I'll be okay with a low 6.

 I am really trying to stick with my CDE's changes and I'm still having some
lows and now have more highs than I used to but at least they're not really high
numbers. Mostly in the high 100's, 180-220 is the usual range.

 Personally I'll take a hypo over losing my foot but I do understand how
continued hypos can be very bad and I am really trying to avoid them.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005
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