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RE: [IP] S. 1955 - today...

 As I read it, they're spending just under 4 hours debating, alternating in 1/2
hour segments for
each party.

 I'm not sure what the specific quorum rule is here, but I would infer that what
they're doing is not
 require that they stop and take attendence, but just assume there's enough
people present to
continue or cut off debate. (Cloture is the rule for limiting debate).

 In other words, I think the've just agreed to proceed like this, whether
there's anybody listening
 or not. They do things like this just to get their statements into the
Congressional Record -- it's
 not like one side listens to anything the other side has to say on the floor
anyway. "Debate" on the
 floors of Congress have been entirely for show since the days I used to read
the Congressional
Record back when I was a teenager.

 I'm sure some votes are occasionally swayed by arguments made in debate, but I
think it's a pretty
 rare occurrence. More votes are swayed by the discussions in the hallways, and
they frequently have
 to do quorum calls & hold everything up to get enough people into the room to
have a vote.

In other words, the debates are to sway voters, not the Senators.

 Interested Senators can then attach additional "speeches" to the Congressional
Record "as read",
 which is why the Congressional Record would arrive in my mailbox usually around
1 inch thick,
sometimes more.

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Can anyone summarize what this means?  Specifically, the last sentence 
on "cloture motions be waived".

OF 2006--MOTION TO PROCEED -- (Senate - May 05, 2006)"

"Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that on Monday, May 8, the time 
for debate be divided as follows: 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m, minority control; 
and 2 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., majority control. Further, that the time rotate 
under this format, with the final time from 5 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. under 
majority control. Finally, I ask unanimous consent that the three live 
quorums related to the cloture motions be waived.

The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tempore. Without objection, it is so ordered."

At least seems obvious that they are spending exactly ONE HOUR debating 
this bill.
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