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RE: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

I think it means you have to calibrate when there is a good chance that the
fluid under your skin is close to the bg in the finger stick. When you have
rapidly changing BGs there is a time lag so that the sensor will be accurate
ly reading on thing and the finger stick will be something else.
Calibrating at this time would fool the system into a bad reading.

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Alderson Wrote:
So telling a device that your glucose level is really 52 when it thinks you
are 104 because of a rapid drop in ones glucose level would confuse it
because it will be using your input to adjust how it interprets the levels
it is measuring in the fluid under your skin, and that fluid may not have
had any significant changes yet due to the rapid drop. While on the other
hand inputting a blood sugar that has been relatively stable for a longer
period of time like a morning value or before meals will let the device do
its subtle adjustments with more stable data i.e. The interstitial fluids
will have had the needed time to reflect what the rest of ones body is
really experiencing as far as glucose is concerned.

Ricardo Responds:
I follow your line of thinking, but does this mean that the Paradigm CGMS is
unusable in cases of rapidly changing BG, even after calibration?

What happens after exercise or a high glycemic meal? If the CGMS never
calibrates under conditions of rapidly changing BG, how can it detect it
after calibration?
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