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RE: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

 No offense, but from this comment, I could probably make a fair guess as to
what TYPE of electrical
 engineer you are, or rather what type you're not. (That's NOT a comment on how
GOOD an engineer you
are! We all end up being specialists.)

 It makes perfect sense to me. I don't know specifically the technology they're
using to manage the
 data, but the pattern of training & calibration makes it look a lot like a
neural network. Neural
 networks (also known as Bayesian networks) must go through a training period,
where a number of
 internal parameters (equivalent to Baysian conditional probabilities) are
incrementally adjusted
until they minimize the error metric (usually RMS error).

 It's not the sensors which are at fault -- it simply requires the collection of
a few days of data
 to arrive at the correct interpretation of the data. I bet the
multi-compartmental nature of the
 problem makes this more complex than simply adjusting a single calibration

 No doubt there's considerable variation in individual physiology that requires
such an adaptive

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"In the manual MM wrote that you get the best results with the fourth sensor."

 As an electrical engineer, I must say this sounds like a lame excuse. If the
first three sensors are
crap, then only send out "fourth sensors." .
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