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RE: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

Nikos, Your report are very welcomed. We can all learn from you. Pleas keep
the reports coming.

Have A Good Day
John S Wilkinson
Rome, New York

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Subject: Re: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

Hi all,

As far as I know for my personal experience (I'm on my sixth day with the
second sensor) the MM722 CGMsystem needs calibration BG every 12 hours but
you can insert manually every BG you do to help system calibrate better.
With 5 results every 24 hour you can have the best result (as rep said to me
and I figured out from a study I read).

The system remembers only last sensor's calibration and resets with every
new sensor. You need to use 4 sensors to learn how to value the pump's
screen results and when to calibrate the system. They told me tat
calibration works better if your BG is in range from 70 - 180 than results
out of this range.

Until now the system fails to show my hypos (yesterday shows 104 when I
really was 52 and today shows 152 when I was 217). A deviation of 20% of
your blood meter is indented but as you see I have hier deviation than 20%
some critical times.

But as I told you before I judge the system I have to wait for my fourth
sensor die. I'm only on my second sensor.

I'll keep inform you about my results but my diabetes is never easy and
compliance with standard rules. I'll intend to work hard to make CGM system
works for me.

Hope to help you and don't bother you with my reports.

Nikos Filippou
Thessaloniki, Greece
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