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Re: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

<<<"In the manual MM wrote that you get the best results with the fourth

<<As an electrical engineer, I must say this sounds like a lame excuse. If 
first three sensors are crap, then only send out "fourth sensors.">>

It sounds to me like the guardian (or paradigm rt) unit needs to learn what 
BG corresponds to your body's read out.  So if it detects a value X (for 
whatever it is measuring) and you tell it that your BG is 120 at that 
moment, it will store that in its memory and correlate the two values.  I 
imagine that the values it detects may vary slightly from person to person, 
so it needs to be taught specifically what your body reads out.  I imagine 
that the more often you calibrate your unit early on, the sooner it will 
give more accurate results.  The fourth sensor may just mean that for 
optimal results, you must input at least 18 BG results (3 days each for the 
first 3 sensors with 2 calibrations a day).  I would think that if you put 
in 18 results with your first sensor (6 a day), your second sensor would be 
a lot more accurate.  After a while, the unit will know that every time it 
detected a value of X, you told it your BG was 120 (+/- its error margin), 
then it would tell you with pretty good confidence that your BG is 120.

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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