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Re: [IP] Re: T-Shirt question

> Michael,
> Have you ever checked out CafePress? ( www.cafepress.com ).  You set up
> the logo, items & price you want to charge.  CafePress charges a set
> amount for each item - the price you set over that would go to IP.

Cafe Press only makes sense if the orders are always over 15 at a time. 
The charge full retail for a Tee shirt $15+ bucks. It would be 
difficult to mark that up I think. For 15 - 20 at a time, they discount 
them and IP could go ahead and sell them at a discount, however the 
cost of receiving, and reshipping them to individuals probably would 
not be covered by the $4-5 buck difference. The main problem is all the 
labor involved in doing this. I'm swamped as it is handling the supply 
donations and really would need someone else to do this on a permanent 

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